Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Updated: HHS will be dismissed at 12:15 today, 10/31/17

Update 9:40 pm: Final Update

A huge thank you once again to the Holliston Fire Department who not only helped with the safety of our building but who went above and beyond to assist students with retrieving their belongings today. 

Most students were able to collect their backpacks, jackets etc. but for those students whose backpacks are still in the building, the cafeteria will be open at 6:30am tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. We are aware that some textbooks and other school items may still be in classrooms and teachers have been notified that students may not have access to all their classroom materials this evening. 

Thank you to the Holliston Police Department, the high school faculty and the students who did a tremendous job today. Once again I am reminded of the incredible teamwork within this community and am so proud of how the students handled themselves today.

Nicole Bottomley, Principal

Update 1:50 pm: Retrieving Student Belongings

A huge thank you to the Holliston Fire Department for helping to retrieve student belongings from the classrooms throughout the building. 

At this point, all students who were not in science classes were able to retrieve their belongings from the cafeteria. 

Throughout the afternoon, several announcements were made for students to let them know that their bags from science classes would be ready at 2:00pm today. These belongings are now ready and available for pickup in the cafeteria. A few water bottles and textbooks may still remain throughout the building and will need to be retrieved tomorrow as only access to the cafeteria is permitted at this time. 

All after school and evening activities have been canceled.

HHS will be dismissed at 12:15 today

After consultation with the Holliston Fire Department and the on-site state HazMat team, we have decided that we will be unable to properly ventilate the school and cleanup the water damage caused by the sprinkler activation before our scheduled school dismissal time.

As a result, all Holliston High School students will be dismissed at 12:15 pm today, Tuesday, October 31st. Fire Department personnel are assisting School personnel to get student belongings removed from classrooms for students to pick up before dismissal.
  • Students riding the bus: School buses will be available at12:15 for students who require transportation home. 
  • Student drivers: Since fire Department equipment is blocking the front driveway, Students who drive themselves to school will be dismissed a few minutes before 12:15 to allow space for school buses. 
  • Parent pickup: Parents picking up students might want towait until 12:30 to pick up their child due to anticipated traffic on Hollis Street.
ALL students will be supervised by School personnel until parent pickup is complete.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Student Feature Friday: Cameron Todd

This week I am pleased to highlight Cameron Todd, one of the talented, innovative and dedicated Panthers Instructional Technology (PIT) Crew members who has worked with PIT Crew since its inception a year and a half ago. Cam is very hard working and always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He oversaw the beginning of the Chromebook roll-out and has come in during the last two summers to assist with the distribution of Chromebooks during the 9th grade orientation held at the end of August. For more information on Cam and the PIT Crew check out the "Student Feature Friday" section of the Principal's Blog or on the website.


Nicole Bottomley
Holliston High School

Friday, October 20, 2017

Student Feature Fridays!

One of the best aspects of working at Holliston High School is the opportunity to interact with so many talented, creative, innovative and amazing students. In order to highlight some of these individuals, we are announcing a new segment called "Student Feature Fridays."

Our first featured student is Melanie Galeaz, a hard working and creative senior. Melanie recently presented a project to the faculty during the October Faculty Meeting. The project was one that she completed in her Stress Management course and had the theme of Hope. For more information please see the Student Feature Friday section of the Principal's Blog.

--Ms. Bottomley