Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Exams & Transition Day

Female student studying

Final Assessments/Exams

Students and faculty are working hard to finish up term 2/first semester classes and begin preparing for final assessments/exams next week. Students will take their A & B block exams on Thursday, January 19th and their C & D block exams on Friday January 20th. [Exam/Assessment Bell Schedule]

Transition Day

Monday, January 23rd is Transition Day for students and faculty. We follow a B day bell schedule and all students attend their First Semester/Second Term classes. For both faculty and students, the transition day is filled with valuable activities. Prior to the implementation of this day several years ago, students did not have an opportunity to revisit their classes and teachers after taking final exams, or to go over the assessment. This day is designed to allow just that and is also filled with opportunities to provide feedback, review term three schedules and meet with teachers to receive recommendations for future courses. 

Below are some of the activities students can expect:
  1. The Transition day bell schedule will follow a normal B day, with one exception. During DSB, Guidance has provided an activity for students to complete in their classes.
  2. In classes, teachers will review the final assessment discussing areas of strengths and needs for the class
  3. Students will provide feedback to teachers about the course
  4. Students will meet with each teacher to receive recommendations for next year's courses
  5. Students will complete teacher appreciation letters.
  6. Teachers will confirm that all textbooks and materials have been returned
  7. Students will have some time to pull up their term 3 schedules using iPass/iParent to make sure everything is accurate but we will not be printing schedules.
  8. Seniors WILL HAVE senior privileges on the Transition day to leave for DSB.
Thanks to all students for their hard work during the first semester and we look forward to a fantastic second half of the year. Term 3 will begin on Tuesday, January 24thwith a C day. Any scheduling concerns should be directed to the Guidance Department.