Friday, December 8, 2017

Student Feature Friday: 2017 All-Ages Envelope Contest

This week’s Student Feature Friday is a group of four incredibly talented students who participated in the 2017 All-Ages Envelope Contest. There were over 700 artists from all over the world and I am pleased to announce that HHS had three finalists and one winner:
  • Kelley Joslin (1st Place Winner in the 15-17 category)
  • Sara Kenney (Finalist in the 15-17 category)
  • Corinne Doucette (Finalist in the 11-14 category)
  • Caroline Beaudet (Finalist in the 11-14 category)
The contest rules were that the piece had to be an Edward Gorey inspired Halloween theme that expressed his humor, whimsy, ghoulishness, or otherwise bizarre and eccentric style. The goal of the contest was to both recreate Gorey’s art style but more importantly capture his thematic interests and unique character. The reason the contest started was that Gorey himself was fond of letter writing and illustrated postcards and envelopes that he would send to friends.

For more information about these talented students, and to see their artwork, visit the Student Feature Friday section of the Principal's Blog.

--Ms. Bottomley