Monday, March 19, 2018

HHS Students Building a Tiny House!

HHS students are working on building a tiny house!

Work on the house teaches life skills such as home maintenance, problem solving, and professionalism, while touching upon many parts of the curriculum from woodshop to physics to art.

According to student Timothy Strang,
"The Tiny House Project is a school-wide, student-powered effort to design, construct, and sell a fully functional tiny home right out of the high school workshop. The idea goes that the project will be an annual event, offering each generation of students a unique opportunity at hands-on learning that will be applicable and relevant when they complete their education and enter the real world. Hopefully, in tiny homes to come, the previous year’s sale will fund the expenses of the next project, but in order to establish this cycle the first iteration will be entirely dependent upon community donations."
If you would like to donate, or if you’re just curious to see the progress as it comes together, check out the official Holliston Tiny Home website here: