Thursday, November 1, 2018

AP Exam Registration Now Open

Exam registration and payment will kick off Thursday November 1st

This is a drastic change from years prior. Why? Beginning in 2019-2020, registration for AP exams will go directly through the College Board. College Board will require students with AP courses beginning in Semester 1 to register for the exam in November. Students enrolled in Semester 2 AP courses will be given the opportunity to register for AP courses in March. We are mimicking this change in our registration process this year so that the changes next year are not so surprising to the community. 

AP Exam Registration is only intended for students in grades 10 through 12 who are enrolled in an AP course during the 2018-2019 school year.  

For more information on the AP Exams in May 2019, click HERE for the 2018-2019 AP Bulletin for Students and Parents.

AP Exam Registration Window & Deadlines

  • For courses beginning in Semester 1: November 1st - November 30th
  • For courses beginning in Semester 2: March 1st - March 22nd (**applies to AP English Language & Composition and AP US Government and Politics only)


The cost of the exam in 2019 is $96. The College Board charges $94 - we have added $2 to the cost to help us cover the cost of proctors and other program related costs.

Below is a guide to the cost based on the number of exams a student plans to take.
  • 1 exam: $96
  • 2 exams: $192
  • 3 exams: $288
  • 4 exams: $384

Late Registration Fee

In 2019-2020, the College Board will charge $45 as a late fee and a $45 cancellation fee for exams. This year, we are going to charge a $20 late fee.

Financial Assistance

If a student / family requires financial assistance with the cost of the AP exams, please contact Mrs. Ross at Holliston is committed to ensuring every student can take an AP exam, and will work with families on adjusted fees or a payment installment plan.

How to Register

The online registration site opens  November 1, 2018. Register online at You can pay by credit card (a small fee is charged), or mail in a check (no additional fee incurred).

Why take the exam?

While taking an AP exam is not mandatory at Holliston High School it is highly encouraged. HHS tends to produce high scores which can save many thousands of dollars at the college level. If you would like to explore the AP credit policies of colleges and universities, you can do so by clicking HERE. Taking the AP exam is also a part of the AP course experience and is good for helping students adjust to the type of exams they will experience in college.

Students can take an exam for a subject they have not taken a course in. In such a case, we recommend that a student review a practice exam before deciding to register.

Click HERE for the AP testing calendar. The testing dates can also be found on the high school calendar.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Ross at